Flemish Pavilion

We always had to get by.
We are always at our best during times of misery.
From the Battle of the Golden Spurs to the Battle of the Yser.
Slogging through the mud made us great.
Strong. Disciplined.
Humble and modest too.
But those days are over.
Now we need to be on solid ground.
Not only do we have to be Flemish to become European,
but Flemish to become more Dubaian.
We need to look for the Dubaian in us


It has been all over the media: Dr. Chokri Ben Chikha and Walid Ben Chikha have been selected to realize a Flemish pavilion for the 2020 World Exposition in Dubai. This can be considered as a first, giving them ample opportunity to realize the project in their own typical way. Both brothers opted for a bottom-up approach, wanting to tackle the project with your help. After all, aren’t we all artists and creators of the Flemish identity?

With Flemish Pavilion the brothers will travel across Flanders. Their roadshow will consist of performative lectures, interviews and polls. Step by step they will develop their unique creation by working together with other parties and actors in the cultural field, culminating in the Flemish Paviljon at the Dubai 2020 World Exposition.

After the first and very fruitful investigative sessions in Westrand Cultural Center Dilbeek (“Waar Vlamingen thuis zijn” - “Where the Flemish are at home”), Chokri and Walid Ben Chikha prepare for the next step in their endeavour. They will travel from town to town and from association to association in search of what Flanders can mean for the rest of the world.

In Flemish Pavilion Chokri and Walid Ben Chikha confront themselves and their audience with pressing questions relating nationalism, derailed capitalism and the marketing principles governing the art scene.


Flemish Pavilion is coming to you! Make sure to regularly check our website. If your association or organization is interested in a performative lecture by Chokri and Walid Ben Chikha, please contact Action Zoo Humain for further details  (info [at] actionzoohumain.be - or visit our homepage).