De Ceremony / The Ceremony

The college of mayors, lay judges and plc. C.H.O.K invite you to the ceremonial National Tribute in honour of the 118th anniversary of the heroic death of Lieutenant Lippens and Sergeant De Bruyne. These heroes departed this earth for the liberation of innocent Congolese people out of the hands of Arabic-Islamite slave-drivers. Henceforth they brought the biggest offer: their lives.

This piety procession, adorned by atmospheric music, is finalized after the honouring of the monument with a resigned ceremony and a reception offered to you by plc. C.H.O.K. It would gladden us in the highest grade if you would attend this ceremony with the necessary splendour.

In this pilot project we advise communities and public authorities to reintegrate these colonial monuments into our current society.


The Ceremony is the second part of the heroic death of society – tryptich. Three projects around heroic status: one in Senegal, one in the Flemish streets and one in the theatre space.