21.04.2017 - "Houellebecq is taken way too seriously" - Knack

This Sunday, the 23rd of April 2017, the first round of the French presidential election coincides with the premiere of Submission (Action Zoo Humain & NTGent) in Amsterdam.

Everything is a coinsidence. Nothing is a coinsidence.

Chokri Ben Chikha spoke with Els Van Steenberghe (Knack, 19/04/2017).


Submission - © Phile Deprez
"Submission is set in the France of 2022. A Muslim party in coalition with the socialist party provides the president. The Sorbonne becomes a Muslim university. The women tie in. Houellebecq shows a society where political parties choose populist strategies. This makes him an artist who feels his time very well and challenges you to an exercise in thought. Our piece is therefore not an anti-Islam piece about a critical book that was wrongly portrayed as an anti-Islam book." - Chokri Ben Chikha