Action Zoo Humain is an independent, dynamic and engaged theatre company. It focuses on artistic development and produces performances. It explores the extent to which theatre can directly intervene in reality without losing sight of its poetic potential and self-criticism. In this way, it enhances the playability of society. To this end, the organisation uses the historical concept of the 'zoo humain' as a (research) tool to question ethnic, religious, political and economic zones of conflict.

Action Zoo Humain operates as a company that puts multi-voicedness and representation at the forefront. Thus, the organisation functions as a bridge-builder between artists/academics, artistic/social-artistic sector, new talent/experts and between individual artists and cultural houses. This is based on the conviction that an (artistic) project is justified not only by its own content, but also by the network in which it is created.

Action Zoo Humain works both locally and internationally, encouraging and developing collaborations with both autonomous artists and organisations.

Action Zoo Humain aims to make intercultural issues discussable and to activate audiences. The company looks for contemporary formats to reflect on the intercultural social reality.

Since 2017 the company is structurally subsidised by the Flemish government and the City of Ghent. Since 2018 Action Zoo Humain is artist in residence at NTGent, the city theatre of Ghent and one of the largest theatres in Belgium, currently under the artistic direction of Milo Rau.