02.05.2017 - Mourade Zeguendi: "De Palma: Yes, please. A role as a terrorist: no, thank you."

Mourade Zeguendi is tired of the fact that he is always cast as a 'terrorist'. He also refuses an attractive proposal by Brian De Palma with conviction. His clear message to the director was picked up by the national and international press.

© Carmen Van praet
On the phone Zeguendi sounds, not only indignant, but also disillusioned. And not because he doesn't have the role. "J'en ai marre. Apparently, someone with a darker skin colour always has to play someone with only one characteristic: his skin colour. That hurts me."

Mourade's message was taken over by Aljazeera, Huffington Post Magreb, NRC, Morocco World News, La Capitale & L'Avenir.