02.10.2018 - Impressions of 'The Procession'

During the opening weekend of NTGent, Action Zoo Humain laid the first stones for the Flemish pavilion at the world exhibition in Dubai in 2020. The company was looking for Flanders' most valuable export product to conquer Dubai and found that valuable asset in the interface between art and science: what makes Flanders unique is the DNA of our greatest artists.

With The Procession, Action Zoo Humain officially walked into the new cultural season and collected the first artistic seed and egg cells for the pavilion. What did The Procession have to say about the marketing of art, identity and religion? A few impressions:

De Standaard: "With a small donation you can also help to make Flanders more artistic. Who knows, from 2020 your shoot might learn Shakespeare's prenatally monologues by heart. To be or not to be? Believe us, you won't easily complain about such an artistic baby".

De Morgen: "Under the motto 'artists make the world a better place', Action Zoo Humain collects the sperm and eggs of the Flemish arts sector. It is an investment in future generations. The artist is a 'gateway to a productive future' and a 'social designer' who 'will correct the mistakes of the past'.

Het Laatste Nieuws: "Action Zoo Humain has the DNA of Belgian artists examined by Professor Petra De Sutter (IVF team UZ Gent) and is hosting an exhibition in the Flemish pavilion at the 2020 world exhibition in Dubai. Together they also hope to discover the gene that makes you become an artist.

Het Nieuwsblad: "The procession, which went from St Bavo's Cathedral to the Castle of the Counts, should make people think about what it means to be a Fleming".


The Procession - © Action Zoo Humain