18.07.2019 - Photographic report: season '18-'19

Theatre season '18-'19 is coming to an end. Action Zoo Humain looks back on a year of controversial artistic interventions, an international premiere, successful (re)performances, a farewell tour and the kick-off of its residency at NTGent.

'The Procession' - © Kurt van der Elst

During the NTGent opening weekend, Action Zoo Humain transported the first artistic sperm and egg cells for the Flemish Pavilion at the world fair in Dubai (2020). The Procession moved from Saint Bavo's Cathedral to the Arca Theater, where the inventors unveiled the preliminary design.

'AMNÈ(I)S(T)IA: Say Sorry' - © Kurt van der Elst

Chokri Ben Chikha was selected to create a performance with a group of young alumni from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Inspired by Amnes(t)ie, which tour came to an end this season,  AMNÈ(I)S(T)IA: Say Sorry searched for parallels between jihadists and supporters of the Franco regime. The adaptation premiered in Sala Beckett, Barcelona.

'De Waarheidscommissie' - © Kurt van der Elst

In December 2018, Action Zoo Humain continued its artistic research into the exhibition of 'exotics' at world fairs. The guest location for this edition of The Truth Commission: the Belgian Senate in Brussels. Do we look at refugees in  a different way now than the Brussels audience looked at the Congolese 'exotics' at the World Fair  in 1958.

'Le Chicon' - @ Kurt van der Elst

Maxime Waladi seasoned and baked his way through the multicultivated soil of his past, covered with chicory crops and durum wheat. Whether it is thanks to his cooking skills or his captivating enthusiasm: Flanders can't get enough of Le Chicon. In the course of '19 - '20, the performance will be on display in various cultural centers in Flanders.

'Het Graf van de Onbekende Vluchteling' - © Kurt van der Elst

In the 12th-century church Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaart in Wulveringem, Action Zoo Humain had a ceremony in memory of the unnamed 'transmigrant' who died in early 2018: the sequel to the artistic intervention DNA in BXL at the arts festival Human(art)istic. After the ceremony, Action Zoo Humain erected The Tomb of the Unknown Refugee.